Nokia Sold 4 Million Units of Lumia Smartphones During Q2 2012

Nokia has just released its interim report for the second quarter of 2012, where the Finnish vendor reported a total operating loss of € 826 million. But it is still better than  what had reported by Nokia in the previous quarter when Nokia lost € 1.3 billion. However Nokia still has cash reserves of € 4.2 billion.

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Before this report, there are many news circulating around us about the sales of Nokia Lumia smartphones. According to official report, Nokia managed to sold 4 million units of Lumia smartphones worldwide. Overall Nokia has sold 10.2 million units of smartphones in Lumia series. The sales of Nokia smartphones (WP + Symbian + MeeGo) on the second quarter decreased compared to the first quarter. The good news is the sales of Lumia during Q2 2012 doubled the previous quarter. In North America, Nokia sold 600,000 units of Lumia smartphones. Most of them are Nokia Lumia 900 and AT&T Lumia 710. Despite the decrease of Nokia smartphone sales, the sales of Nokia feature phones increased to 73.5 million from 70.8 million in the previous quarter.

Nokia Q2 2012 report

Nokia says that the second quarter of this year was a very difficult time for Nokia as the company still in transition stage. The third quarter is predicted not too much different. But the company and its employees will continue their willingness to strengthen the company.

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