Nokia Reportedly Preparing Other Android Handsets Besides Normandy

Latest news about Nokia plans to produce Android handsets, according to Artesyn Technologies, Nokia plans to create some Android smartphones after announcement of Nokia X at MWC.

Nokia Reportedly Preparing Other Android Handsets Besides Normandy

The source said that Nokia doesn’t only target low-end market, but also preparing some high-end models. Those Android smartphones will be revealed between May-June this year, targeting various segments. The Nokia Android smartphone is predicted to use customized Android OS like Normandy so they won’t contain Google services including Play Store.

The problem is according to the source, most of Nokia’s business units have been acquired by Microsoft so Nokia only have Asha and feature phone departments. Some of Nokia superiorities like HAAC, PureView, and ClearBlack will be owned by Microsoft so it will be hard for Nokia to compete with other Android vendors like LG or Samsung in high-end segment. Therefore, it’s predicted that Nokia will place those Android handsets to replace or accompany Asha series in developing countries with affordable price, added with Nokia Here service.

Ivan Andrianto

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