Nokia RDA Reveals Lumia 920, N950, Belle 805, and Nokia 510

Nokia’s RDA Tool has revealed another new devices that haven’t been announced by Nokia. Previously, the toll for testing application has revealed Nokia Lumia 900, 910, and 1001. Now, there are four devices namely Nokia¬†Lumia 920, Nokia N950, Nokia Belle 805, and Nokia 510.

Nokia RDA

From the mentioned phones above, only Nokia Lumia 900 that has been announced and sold. There aren’t leaked images of the other devices, including Lumia 910, which has revealed since early 2012. Lumia 1001 can be the first Nokia device with Windows Phone 8.

More evidence is needed to prove the  existence of those Nokia devices. Therefore, it is too early to conclude that Nokia will release all the revealed devices.


Ivan Andrianto

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