Nokia Maps will Replace Bing Maps on Windows Phone 8?

Nokia and Microsoft don’t seem to be outdone by Google and Apple which have updated their maps application recently. The new Google Maps will give Full 3D Maps Experince to its users, as well as offline Maps for Android phones, while Apple announced that it will switch from Google Maps to TomTom Maps when announcing iOS 6 at WWDC 2012 event.

Nokia Maps will Replace Bing Maps on WP8

Windows Phone 8 is expected to have better maps application because it is rumored that Microsoft dan Nokia will replace Bing Maps with Nokia Maps, which is equipped with 3D navigation, traffic update, and hardware acceleration for all Windows Phone devices.

The Windows Phone 8 update will also include Skype integration, Windows Phone Wallet, game development, and improvement on the camera. Microsoft is likely to announce all of those features on June 20 at Windows Phone Summit event.

Ivan Andrianto

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