Nokia Lumia Sales Sharply Increased in Q1 2013

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Smartphone
Nokia has just announced its finance report for the first quarter of 2013. Although it doesn’t as good as the last quarter of 2012, Nokia continues to show good result with Windows Phone platform.

On the report, it’s reported that in first three months of 2013, Nokia managed to sell 5.6 millions Lumia smartphones, the highest number since the adoption of Windows Phone and 27% percent increase compared to late 2012. However, sales of Nokia Asha dropped to 5 millions unit, while Symbian only 0.5 millions unit.

Nokia also managed to get gross operational profit in the last three quarters, however Nokia lost 198 millions dollar from 7.8 millions total income.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop on that occasion also indicated the presence of the next Nokia smartphones in future.

Ivan Andrianto

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