Nokia Lumia EOS Will Have Mechanical Shutter

Recently, photos of the super camera phone Nokia Lumia EOS a.k.a. Elvis have been leaked in the Internet. The latest, a video shows how the camera work. Camera lens is recorded when working, it shows that the phone use mechanical shutter. That’s a unique thing considering that most smartphones use electronic shutter.

Nokia Lumia EOS

According to GSMArena, the main advantage of using mechanical shutter is simplify the circuit on the device. Having electronic shutter (sensor collects light for certain periods) means adding electronic on each pixel. In other hand, mechanical shutter often allows simpler and more effective sensor, where each pixel gets more n light.

The camera resolution is XX megapixels according to leaked photos. Most likely EOS will use 41 MP sensor like the 808 PureView. Watch the below video for more information.

Ivan Andrianto

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