Nokia Lumia 910 Appears on Nokia RDA

There is another proof about the presence of Nokia Lumia 910. After the specs was appeared in Netherlands, followed by a rumor in May, now Nokia Lumia 900 appears on Nokia RDA site.

RDA is a software provided by Nokia to test application on various Nokia handsets without having to own the handset. On the image that first found on Nieuwemobile.nl, there’s Nokia Lumia 910 on the list of handests alongside with other Nokia handsets from feature phone, smartphone like Nokia N9, until the luxury Vertu  Constellation T.

 Some think that Nokia Lumia 910 is only a varion of Lumia 900, which featuers a 12 MP camera and will be sold in certain region. Some believe that Lumia 910 is the successor of Lumia 900 and will use Windows Phone 8. Nokia hasn’t given any confirmation about this rumor.

Ivan Andrianto

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