Nokia is Preparing Cheap Lumia Smartphones to Compete with Android

Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, announced the company plans to enter affordable smartphone market with new Windows Phone based products. Theis statement was announced at a conference event with the company investors .

Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO

Nokia has some Symbian smartphones with affordable price, but they can’t compete with Android smartphones because Symbian popularity continues to decline. The cheapset Lumia smartphone now is Lumia 610. There are many branded Android smartphones with lower price. Elop said that there will be more Lumia smartpones with lower price. Nokia and Microsoft is making improvement and optimization to Windows Phone Tango OS, so the operating system can run smoothly on low-end devices.

Android is dominating low-end smartphone market now. Therefore, Elop thinks that Nokia must compete with Android aggressively. Unfortunately, Elop didn’t say when the cheap Lumia smartphones will be launched.

Ivan Andrianto

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