Nokia Goldfinger Will Use 3D Touch Technology

Yesterday, the favorite Twitter account for tech enthusiast, @evleaks, said that Nokia is preparing two phones that will use Windows Phone 8.1 Blue, with codename Goldfinger and Moneypenny. Details of Goldfinger and Moneypenny not mentioned by @evleaks, but from data obtained by The Verge, Goldfinger will be the next Nokia’s flagship and come with interesting feature which is called 3D Touch by Nokia internals.

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3D Touch technology is said to similar with Air Gesture on Samsung devices. You can use gesture above the display to control your Lumia. This feature is expected not to be the same as Air Gesture because Nokia has done research for some years for that feature. Flipping and rolling are gestures being contemplated by Nokia. In addition, gesture would be possible not only from the top of the device, but also from the side.

Ivan Andrianto

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