Nokia CEO Indicates WP8 Smartphone with PureView Technology

More and more vendors will release Windows Phone smartphone. Nokia don’t want to lose in the competition between WP8 smartphones. So, the company will bring the PureView tehcnology on its upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices.

PureView camera technology

The PureView tehcnology previously has been adopted on a Symbian phone namely Nokia 808. Nokia 808 has a 41 MP camera sensor and it can capture image with up to 38 MP resolution, make it the best camera phone so far.

Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO, indicated that PureView technology will be presented on Nokia smartphones running on Windows Phone OS. But, he didn’t give further details. When someone asked at Nokia Booth at Microsoft TechEd event in Orlando, the Elop’s answer indicated that PureView camera technology probably can be seen by users on Windows Phone 8, although Nokia has not released another PureView smartphone so far.

‘Now, we have not any other Announced PureView with smartphones, “Elop says in the video (shown below),’ but I can say That you will see this technology in devices to come. ‘

Ask The CEO: Stephen Elop at TechEd Orlando

Ivan Andrianto

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