New Google Maps will get full 3D experience, offline maps is Coming Soon to Android

Google announced that it will give full 3D experience on new Google Maps. Users will feel like being in a private helicopter when using this new feature.

New Google Maps with full 3D experience

Google sends a number of planes to collect data in the world’s big cities, and each plane will get 3D information with detail photos

The result will be a full 3D experience of big cities around the world, allowing users to fly and swoop in the air through an exact replicas. The buildings and trees will look 3D as well.

This new feature is the next step of Google’s controversial plan to create photo-based map of the world. The feature will be launched before the end of this year.

Google also announced that the offline version of Google Maps for Android is coming soon in the next few weeks. Users can use the maps in more than 100 countries on offline mode. This means that if you do not subscribe to data service or in the area with no internet connection, you can still open Google Maps application.

Ivan Andrianto

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