New Features on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

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Google has officially announced the next version of Android called Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The latest Android OS brings some new and cool features to give better user experience. The new features are:

Offline voice typing
Jelly Bean offline voice dictation

Previously, you need to connect your Android device to internet for typing with your voice. So, it takes some seconds to convert your voice into text. When your internet connection is very slow, it need longer time to convert your voice. Moreover, when you don’t have any data plan or on a place without Wi-Fi signal, the feature can’t work. Now, Google provides offline voice typing on Jelly Bean, make it faster for you to type with your voice without connecting to Google’s server.

Intelligent keyboard
Jelly Bean new keyboard

Doesn’t like voice typing? Google has improved the on-screen virtual keyboard. The keyboard can learn the words from your typing and predict what you want to type.

Android Beam
Android Beam

Now you can share videos and photos to another phone with NFC and Android Beam support. You can also pair your device with Bluetooth accessories by bumping the two devices.

Google brings an improvement to make the camera easier to use. You can view the image you’ve just captured by swiping your finger across the viewfinder. To reveal the photo, you only need to slide your finger to left and to back to the viewfinder, slide your finger to right. If you have taken an image and don’t like the image, slide it out of the way to delete it.

Project Butter
ICS Project Butter

Google has increased Android performance on Jelly bean. The changes allow the OS to maintain a smooth 60 frames per second. Jelly Bean offers faster touch respond and smooth application switching.

Notifications on Jelly Bean

Android 4.1 brings a big in notification. Application can display richer and larger notification to users, which can be collapsed/expanded with a pinch.Jelly Bean allows photos on the notifications. It also has configurable priority. You can take action directly on the notification bar. If you have a missed call, you can call the number from the drop down notification

Smart App Updates
When there an update for an application has been found, Google Play now delivers only the bits that have changed to devices. Users don’t need to download the entire APK file, so it’s faster and save your data usage. A smart app update is about 1/3 the size of a full APK update on average.

Smart Widgets
Jelly Bean Smart Widget

The widgets on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean can automatically resize based on the available space on the home screen. Google provides New App Widget APIs for developers to optimize their app widget content when the size of widgets changes. When you are moving a widget around apps, it will wrap around it. You don’t need to move individual icons around, delete them, and re-add the widgets. In terms of home screen Android is the best OS. iOS doesn’t support any widget on its homescreen and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 only has customizable live tiles on a single homescreen.

Google Now
Google Now on Jelly BeanGoogle Now on Jelly Bean

You can ask to Google Now about general facts, like the height of a tower and it will give the answer. The answer will come in the form of Knowledge Graps that also provides more details related to your search.

By using your phone’s sensors, Google Now can know when and where you are to bring the more accurate search results and suggestions. The most interesting is Google Now can learn your personal life from your google search and other google services. If you often search for games, Google Now will ping you when a new game is available.

New Gallery
Jelly Bean new Gallery

A new feature on ICS is burst shots, which makes a lot of images will be shown on your gallery. The new gallery on JB offers filmstrip view, so you can view the images quickly and delete images you don’t like

Braille support
Blind users get touch and swipe gestures to navigate the UI.

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