Mysetrious Android Device Scores 43,416 on AnTuTu Benchmark

In January, Apple announced Bay Trail, a quad-core SoC based on Atom for Windows 8 and Android tablet. ¬Intel claims Bay Trail as the beset Atom processor so far by doubling the performance of current tablets and of course it’s also power efficient.

Mysetrious Android Device Scores 43,416 on AnTuTu Benchmark

After showing 7.0-inch Windows 8 tablet with Bay Trail, now a mysterious Android device with that chip scores a great overall score on AnTuTu Benchmark of 43, 416 points. As comparison, fastest Snapdragon 800-powered device only reaches 33,000 points, while current high-end smartphones like Lenovo K900 with dual-core Intel Atom and Galaxy S4 with Exynos Octa only scores around 27,000 points.

Bay Trail has better power efficiency than Haswell, allows it applied on tablet and smartphone. Previously, it was reported that the hybrid Android-Windows 8 device Samsung ATIV Q could reach 54,000 points o AnTuTu, however it needs much more power to run the processor.

Ivan Andrianto

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