Mozilla Is Preparing Firefox OS for Mobile Device

Mozilla is preparing an open source operating system for mobile device. The operating system will be named Firefox, which is the name of Mozilla’s web browser.

Firefox OS logo

Mozilla said that Firefox will become ‘fully open mobile ecosystem‘ and built with HTML5, which is a standard to support web page functions maximally.

Gary Kovacs, Mozilla CEO, said that the announcment of open mobile operating system will continue Mozilla’s mission to promote openness, innovation, and opportunities on the Web for users and developers. In the next few years, there will be billions of people connected online. This would give a lot of interesting experiences that can be utilized’

Firefox OS is the continuation of Boot to Gecko project. Becuase it is based on open web standards, HTML5 apps will be able to take advantage of aspects of the device which are often restricted to native applications on other platforms, like hardware acceleration.

The basic functions of the phone like messaging, calling, calendar, and others are based on HTML5. So, it will give more possibilities for developers. They can make their own appilcations that can view message, analyze text-messaging history, or send text automatically.

Firefox OS ScreenshotFirefox OS Screenshot

Developers will be more free to explore Firefox OS because it’s an open source OS. How will the OS look like? Can it compete with Android?

Ivan Andrianto

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