Microsoft Clarifies MicroSD Support on Windows Phone 8

At the announcement of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft said that one of the new feature is microSD support for WP8 devices, allowing users to increase their storage capacity. On a slide they showed last week, Microsoft clearly stated that you will use the microSD card to save photos, music, videos, and installing apps. But the last mentioned feature, installing apps, causes an ambiguity.

Windows Phone 8 MicroSD Support

Microsoft clarifies that you can not install application from Marketplace to your microSD card. You can only save the application file in microSD card, then use it to install the application in internal storage.

Considering that the feature is made for enterprise segment, so the main advantage of this feature will allow company to bypass Marketplace to install specific app needed by their company. On Windows Phone 7.5, companies have to access applications they need via Marketplace and it slow down application distribution process to their employees because approval process also time consuming.

General users will think it as  a usual feature and maybe gamers will cancel to buy a Windows Phone 8 device considering that the files of installed games will consume internal storage.

Microsoft should give a requirement that Windows Phone 8 devices have at least 8 GB of internal storage.


Ivan Andrianto

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