Microsoft Claims To Get Royalty From 70% of Android Devices

Aluratek and Coby Electronics are two Android manufacturers which have to pay royalty to Microsoft if they don’t want their products sued by Microsoft. These two vendors alongside with other vendors give very big contribution in the form of royalty to Microsoft. It is reported that Microsoft has collected royalty from almost 70% of Android devices.

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Aluratek is familiar with its Android tablet. Coby is a company that also produces netbook and television besides Android tablet. The royalty must be paid because Microsoft claims that Android and Chrome OS have violated its patents. Microsoft doesn’t mention what patents have been violated. However many vendors don’t want to take a risk by battling in the court with Microsoft as it spends a lot of money and time.

Microsoft prefers to get benefit from royalty. It’s different from Apple, which want to ban the sales of its rivals’ products.

Ivan Andrianto

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