MediaTek MT8135, Quad-Core Chipset Based on ARM big.LITTLE

MediaTek MT8135 Quad-core chip with ARM big.LITTLE
With the support of ARM big.LITTLE architecture, the famous SoC manufacturer from Taiwan MediaTek plans to release a new chipset based on that architecture, MediaTek MT8135.

MediaTek MT8135 will adopt big.LITTLE architecture like the one on Exynos 5410. However, MediaTek MT8135 is a quad-core chip, not an octa-core chip. The upcoming chip will have two sets of dual-core CPU built from Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7.

In other word, MediaTek MT8135 is more likely as a dual-core chip as it can’t run the four CPUs at the same time. MT8135 has lower performance compared to Exynos 5 Octa and of course it will have much lower price.

MediaTek MT8135 is based on 28nm technology with frequency starting from 1 GHz. The latest SoC from MediaTek is reportedly will start to be produced in Q3 2012 and scheduled to be available in the late of this year.

Ivan Andrianto

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