LifeWatch V, A Smartphone That Knows Your Health

Are you imagine that a smartphone can be used to check your health? Now there is a smartphone that knows your health. The device called LifeWatch V.

LifeWatch V

LifeWatch V is an Android smartphone that combines a set of sensor to check the health of its user. In other word, you can say it as a personal health care. By using this smarpthone, you can do various health test such as ECG monitoring, stress, pulse, heart rate, body fat and body temperature. For people with diabetes, LifeWatch V can also be used to monitor blood glucose level with test strips and needle.

LifeWatch V

Besides check the health of its users, the sensor in LifeWatch V can also be used to check Facebook and email. Unfortunately, the price and availability of this Smartphone in the market is not yet known.

Ivan Andrianto

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