LG Will Launch Smartphone with Flexible Display in Late 2013

LG Flexible OLED screen
Vice president of LG Mobile, Yoon Bu-hyun, recently confirmed that LG will launch smartphone with flexible OLED display in the last quarter of this year. However, we don’t know how flexible is the OLED display.

As you know, LG is preparing its next flagship smartphone series called Optimus G2 which will be launched in Q3 2013. Some people guess that the Optimus G2 is the LG smartphone that’s equipped with flexible display considering that Optimus G2 is something special, unique, and attract people to buy it.

Previously LG was known to launch television with curved OLED screen in 2013. The product is estimated to have a very high price, so may be the LG smartphone with flexible display will be expensive too.

Besides LG, Samsung also has a prototype of handset with curved OLED screen showed at CES this year.

Ivan Andrianto

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