LG Is Preparing A Tablet, Released in Q3 2013

Besides the rumor about white nexus 4, LG is also reportedly preparing a new tablet. It’s confirmed by LG Mobile vice president for Europe, Kim Won, at an interview event with All About Phones from Germany recently.

Android tablets

The LG tablet is planned to be released in Q3 2013. If so, the tablet may be displayed at IFA congress event that will be held in Berlin next September.

Besides revealing tablet release plan, Kim Wom also admits that LG is not preparing Nexus 5 smartphone currently. However, it does not rule out the possibility to cooperate again with Google in future. He added that a flagship smartphone released with stock Android ROM is not included on LG’s plans because LG can’t give additional features on the gadget like user interface customization.

Kim Won also said not so happy with the Android and iOS duopoly today. He said that LG may look for another OS that can be relied for the future, but he later clarified that the OS is not Windows Phone.

At the end of the interview, Kim Won said that LG may design chips itself for LG smartphones in the future. LG won’t release a smartphone with large screen like Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. According to Kim, a smartphone with 6.0-inch display or above is too big.

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