LG is Preparing a Smartphone With Its Quad-Core L9 Processor

At this time, most manufacturers of Android devices use Qualcomm or Nvidia processor for their products besides Samsung that produces its own Exynos chip. LG will follow Samsung’s way by preparing its own processor for mobile phone devices.

LG Logo

LG produces ARM based processor called L9. The quad-core processor will be installed in a smartphone that is scheduled to appear in September. There is no information about what manufacturing technology will be used, but if you look number ‘9’, it is estimated that L9 has similarity to ARM Cortex-A9.

LG will combine the powerful processor with True HD display and a high resolution camera (bigger than 10 megapixel). It seems that LG takes advantage of technologies from various divisions, like as the supplier of iPhone display, to build its own smartphone. This strategy is similar to what has been done by Samsung.

Ivan Andrianto

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