Lenovo Wants to Customize WP8 User Interface

As you know, Microsoft gives restricted requirements for vendors who want to develop Windows Phone smartphone. Because of that reason, we have never seen a Windows Phone 7 smartphone with customized UI, so it’s very difficult for vendors to differentiate their products with products of another vendors.

Lenovo LePhone S880

Android vendors usually use their own UI for their Android smartphones, like Samsung with TouchWiz UI and HTC with Sense UI. But, they can’t implement it on WP platform.

Windows Phone 8, the latest mobile OS from Microsoft, supports multi-core processor and HD resolution display. The UI looks more beautiful with variable tile size, removal of the gutter, and new tile colors, However, many features are still controlled by Microsoft. Lenovo is not happy with this, so the company send some of their R&D executives to meet Microsoft for negotiating about designing user interface on upcoming Lenovo smartphones which run Windows Phone 8 OS. Lenovo has spent a lot of time and money to make Lenovo LePhone S880 Android smartphone with its own UI. It’s look like that Lenovo wants to differentiate its smartphones with others.

Ivan Andrianto

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