Leaked System Files of Sony Honami Reveal 20MP Camera With 4K Video Recording Capability

Recently, a file system of an upcoming Sony smartphone with code name Honami leaked to public. The leaked system file came from a carrier in Canada that bundles Sony C6906. Though it doesn’t certain whether C6906 is Honami, some people believe that the device is a variant of Honami. From the file system, some details of the smartphone can be known.

The first file is build.prop. Inside the file, it’s mentioned some key specifications like Snapdragon 800 chipset, 20 MP image capture (5248 x 3936 pixels) with latest Super Resolution algorithm, and ability to record 4K Ultra HD video with 2:1 aspect ratio (4000 x 2000 pixels). It’s also mentioned that the camera supports ISO up to 12,800 and Steadyshot caputre mode.

Another new feature is Timeshift. It utilizes burst mode that allows user to choose photos in the best moments. Sony also creates new API that can add other functions through an app called Xperia camera add-ons. Here is the icons of some new camera features.

Bokeh, Info-eye- Manual, Socialist, Timeshift, and Effect icons

From left to right: Bokeh, Info-eye- Manual, Socialist, Timeshift, and Effect.

The latest app is Info-eye. It’s a visual searching app based on Kooba. Similar to Nokia Here City Lens, it shows information around user via camera.

Besides some new camera features, the leaked file systems also show new user interface. The images below show new app launcher, Walkman, phonebook, calendar, setting, and others.

Sony Xperia Honami HomescreenSony Xperia Honami ClockSony Xperia Honami Choose VideosSony Xperia Honami ContactsSony Xperia Honami Floating AppSony Xperia Honami GallerySony Xperia Honami MessagingSony Xperia Honami SettingsSony Xperia Honami ThemesSony Xperia Honami Walkman Unlimited Music StreamingSony Xperia Honami Walkman

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