Latest iPhone Prototype hints NFC Feature

A new information related to the upcoming iPhone is revealed. This time the prototypes of rumored new iPhone is being tested in Apple’s laboratory located in Cupertino. One of the prototype is reported to have NFC chip. According to 9to5Mac, the controller will be inserted directly¬†into the power management unit inside the iPhone.

iPhone 5 prototype

Previously it is reported that the prototype of iPhone 5.1 and 5.2 will have a 1136×640 pixels screen. The information is known after searching the data in those prototype phones.

NFC feature is most likely to present on the next generation iPhone. The feature is appropriate to PassBook application that will be provided on iOS 6. If it happens, it will be easier for iPhone users to pay songs they buy on iTunes. Thus it will become the main competitor of Google Wallet, which has been launched earlier.

Apple iPhone 5

NFC can also be used to transfer data between close devices. On the Android, this feature is difficult to be implemented because too many Android phone models, while on the iPhone, this feature is expected to work well because there is only one type of product.

Ivan Andrianto

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