Jolla Will Develop MeeGo Smartphone

A group of ex-Nokia workers and MeeGo fans is reported to make a new company namely Joola. Jolla is a word in Finland which means rescuer ship. The aim is to make a new device with MeeGo operating system that will be sold in market. Jolla has had directors and professionals from Nokia MeeGo N9, added with best people of MeeGo community.

Jolla Will Develop Meego Smartphone

Jolla will be leaded by Marc Dillon as COO. Previously, he was a Nokia employee that had been worked for almost 11 years and a key engineer for MeeGo (Maemo) since January 2006.

In an official statement, it is said that Nokia has created something wonderful, the best smartphone in the world. It should be continued, so they will work together MeeGo people to continue MeeGo story.

Alongside with partners and international investors, Jolla will develop, design, and sell MeeGo based smartphone. Jolla team consists of some directors and key engineers and will recruit the best people that interested in MeeGo to contribute in developing MeeGo smartphone.

Jolla will not affiliate with Nokia, so it will not give any support and update for Nokia N9 or N950.

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