Jolla Will Announce Its Product in Late 2012

Jolla Mobile, a company founded by ex-nokia employees that works on Meego, has given an illustration about the company’s plan in future. It was revealed in an interview with Jolla CEO, Jussi Hurmola, by Techrunch and Intomobile recently.

Jolla logo

Jussi Hurmola said that Jolla is preparing two smartphones, one for developers and the other for public. A smartphone is expected to be launched in late 2012.

Nokia N9 MeeGo Smartphone

Jolla is built as a part of Nokia Bridge, aimed to help ex Nokia workers to start their business. However, Jolla doesn’t have any relation with Nokia. Jussi Hurmola also said that Nokia doesn’t give MeeGo patents to Jolla.

Ivan Andrianto

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