Jolla OS Will Support Android, Qt, and HTML5 Applications

Jussi Hurmola, Jolla CEO, has announced a new claim about Jolla OS through an interview with Finland website, 3T. It is said that maybe Jolla will run Android, Qt, and HTML5 applications with the help of ACL (application compatibility layer). ACL is an OpenMobile product that will clear boundaries between those platforms, so it allows the device to run multi-platform applications.

Jolla logo

The application ecosystem is believed to attract users and compete with Apple’s iPhone or even with Android smartphones. It is also said that this platform will allow full multitasking, which means that you don’t need to open and close application when switching between apps. Hurmola said that Jolla smartphone will come with a 3.5-inch display.

However, it seems that Hurmola doesn’t want to reveal all of Jolla plans to make a surprise at the release.

Ivan Andrianto

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