ISeeYou, The Alternative of Smart Stay

Smart Stay is a new, cool, and useful feature for a smartphone. The feature is first used by Samsung’s flagship smartphone, Galaxy S III. Now, there’s an alternative for those who don’t have a Galaxy S III.


When reading a long article, complex text, or see an image on smartphone, some users will turn off screen timeout or set it to longer time. But, usually they forget to re-adjust the screen timeout.

The app called ISeeYou. It can track user eyes, so it will keep the screen bright when user eyes are looking at the phone screen, otherwise it will reduce the screen brightness or turn of the screen. The feature can save your smartphone battery. ISeeYou requires a smartphone with Android 4.0 or later and a front-facing camera.


The free version of ISeeYou doesn’t allow you to change the standard settings, such as the scan poll, and the max scan time. The options are only available on paid version called ISeeYouPRO, which priced at $0.63.

Ivan Andrianto

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