iPhone 5S Can Record Video at 120 fps?

There are many smartphone vendors focus on camera side by equipping their smartphones with some cool camera features. Apple is said to equip iPhone 5S with 120 frames per second recording capability. Reported by 9to5Mac, the feature is revealed on iOS 7 Beta 3 which was launched yesterday. It’s unclear whether that recording capability is only for the next iPhone or will be available too for current and older iPhones once upgraded to iOS 7.

iPhone 5S Can Record Video at 120 fps?

With 120 fps recording capability, there will be more moments captured, especially for fast moving objects. 120 fps recording is not a new thing for smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S4 also has that feature. Back to 2007, LG KU990 can record video at 120 fps too.

No information about maximum video resolution for recording video at that frame rates, It should be at least HD, but doesn’t close possibility that it can record FHD @ 120 fps.

Ivan Andrianto

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