iPhone 5 is Rumored To Come Without NFC Support

There are so many phone manufacturers focusing on mobil wallet feature. However, Apple hasn’t released any device that supports that feature. It is known that Google has owned its mobile payment service namely Google Wallet, while Microsoft has announced that WP8 will supports Near Field Communicator (NFC).

iPhone 5 leaked image

On the announcement of iOS 6, NFC was not announced by Apple. The company only announced Passbook, a service for saving ticket records and user coupons. According to analysts named Piper Jaffray, Apple intentionally not to release its latest features first and allow another companies to release those features, to do a market research for Apple. Payment via mobile is expected to increase to $ 600 billion around the world in 2016.

Mobile Payment graphs

We should wait until iPhone 5 is officially announced by Apple.

Ivan Andrianto

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