International Spam Botnet Has Attacked Android Devices

A Microsoft anti-spam engingeer on Tuesday identified international spam botnet that can access Yahoo! Mail account on Android devices. It sends spam on an industrial scale. Terry Zink wrote on Microsoft blog, said that he has found various spam emails with ”Sent from Yahoo! Mail for Android” signature. Zink tracked the IP address of the emails and leads to many developing countries, such as Indonesia, Chile, Oman, Russia, Saudi Arabia Lebanon, Thailand, Philippines, Ukraine, and Venezuela.

International Spam Botnet Attacks Android

Zink said that he was betting that users of those phones had downloaded some Android application to avoid paying for legitimate version and they got more than they bargained for.

Android has been targeted previously, with some reports claim that more than $1 million has been stolen from Android users in 2011 with dangerous attack. Are you an Android user? We recommend you to always download applications from trusted source  like Google Play Store although you have to pay for the apps and keep your antivirus always updated.

Ivan Andrianto

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