Intel Silvermont Announced, Brings New Atom Microarchitecture

Intel Silvermont
Intel Corp announces the renewal of its Atom mobile processor design on Monday (May 6th, 2013). The new architecture with code name Silvermont will be a strong competitor for Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets by bringing performance improvement and lower power consumption.

Silvermont is based on 22nm architecture. Intel chips are dominating PC market, but the company is started to enter mobile industry, like smartphone or tablet. Currently, the mobile device chip market is dominated by Qualcomm Snapdragon and MeidaTek chips.

According to Perlmutter, Silvermont offers three times better performance and consumes power 5 times lower than nowadays chip.
Intel Silvermont Highlights
Intel Silvermont Competitive View - Tablets
Intel Silvermont vs Saltwell

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