Infinity Blade is The Most Profitable Game for Epic Games

Perhaps Epic Games has never predicted before that Infinity Blade will give so much money for the company. But the fact says different. At a game developer conference in Taiwan, Epic Games reported that Infinity Blade has given very big profit.

Infinity Blade by Epic Games

Tim Sweeney, Epic Games CEO, said that the calculation is based on the time needed to develop the game compared to its profit. So, based on that condition, the profit from Infinity Blade is bigger than Gears of Wars, a very popular game on game console and PC.

The first Infinity Blade has made 1.6 million dolars in the first four day on App Store. The next version has made more money, 5 million dollars had been got in the first month on App Store. The profit from Infinity Blade had surpassed 30 million dollars in January 2012.

Epic Games is also the producer of another popular games like Unreal Tournament.

Ivan Andrianto

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