In 2016, LTE Smartphone Shipments Will Grow 9 Times From This Year

At this time, smartphone with super fast LTE network is just a minority of all smarpthone sales. However, we are sure that smartphone with LTE support will dominate market like smartphone with HSDPA support.

LTE network logo

Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute, a Taiwan-based research firm, projected that LTE smartphone shipments will reach 586 million units in 2016, more than nine times compared to this year with only 64 million units.

It seems that 2013 will be the year when the sales of LTE smartphone is starting to increase rapidly. It is expected to grow three times to reach 188 million units. In US, only Verizon and AT&T that has prvoided LTE service. Sprint will launch LTE service in this month and T-Mobile will follow next year.

Ivan Andrianto

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