Improvement on Dolphin Browser Makes It The Fastest Mobile Browser

Dolphin Browser HD is one of popular browsers on Android and iOS. The Dolphin Browser developers have made a big imporvement to its browser. The change on the browser is claimed to make it faster, especially for HTML5.

Dolphin Browser Gets Highest Score on HTML5 Test

The User Interface of new Dolphin Browser looks as clear as Chrome for Android. But, Dolphin Browser HD beta has some advantages for user. The first is the ability to render Flash content. It also fast enough to render heavy flash content.¬†According to a claim written on Dolphin Browser’s blog, Dolphin Engine rendering process is 5 to 10 times faster than Android stock Browser and 100% faster than Chrome. Dolphin scores 450 when tested on HTML5test.com

Mobile Browser HTML5 Test Score Result

The beta version of Dolphin Browser HD runs smoothly for normal use. Click on this link to download the beta version of new Dolphin Browser (.apk file for Android).

Ivan Andrianto

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