Illumination Bar Notification for Sony Xperia NXT Series

If Sony Xperia NXT Series users are asked about one feature that is expected to come on their smartphones, maybe most of them will answer that the transparent bar can be functioned as notification light.

Sony Xperia NXT Series

Well, for users of the Sony series NXT, now you can actualize your dream by using third party application called Illumination Bar Notification. An application that allows Xperia S, Xperia P, and Xperia U users to make the phone transparent bar glowing when there is a notification of missed call or SMS.

Illumination Bar Notification

There are various settings for this application like blinking speed, turned off when the phone screen is unlocked, and other settings. Lucky for those who own an Xperia U because there is an extra setting to choose the color of notifications such as blue, red, green, and yellow. For users of Xperia S and P,  you should be satisfied with white light.

Illumination Bar Notification

Download Illumination Bar Notification on Play Store.

Ivan Andrianto

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