iFixit Is Now Available on Android

For those who like to modify or disassemble your device, there’s a good news because an application that facilitates your hobby is now available on Android platform. The application called iFixit. It has been available on iOS since February this year and has got 4+ rating from users.

iFixit the free repair manual

iFixit is a company based in California which often publishes device repair manuals for free through its site, for example is the teardown process of Google Nexus 7. Repair manuals that available on the application such as  iPad Repair, MacBook Repair, PC Laptop Repair, Xbox Repair,  Harley Davidson Repair, and even Honda Accord Repair.

iFixit for Android

iFixit Repair Manual application for Android can be downloaded for free on Google Play. If you want to contribute to this open source application, you can do it via GitHub.

Ivan Andrianto

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