iBGStar, iPhone Accessory For The People with Diabetes

Apple iPhone is one of the popular smartphones in the world. With its popularity, there are many additional accessories for it which make this phone more useful.

iBGStar is the new iPhone accessory. This accessory is appropriate for people with diabetes. This tool has got certificate from Food Drugs Association (FDA) so the accuracy can be trusted.

iBGStar for iPhone

iBGStar for iPhone

Using iBGStar is quite easy. User only need to attach iBGStart to iPhone or iPod Touch via 30-pin connector. After synchronization with a Manager application, this accessory is ready to be used to check sugar levels in your blood.

iBGStar for iPhone

iBGStar for iPhone

The manager application will also provide the data in the form of statistics, graphs and trends so that users can determine the appropriate treatment and diet program.

iBGStar can store up to 300 data which can be synchronized later. This device is equipped with an internal battery so it will not drain your iPhone battery.

This accessory will be sold at $99.95.

iBGStar Official Website

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