Huawei is Preparing Windows Phone 8 Smartphone

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is very awaited by consumers and phone vendors that will produce WP8 smartphone. Nokia will launch its new Lumia smartphones running on the latest Microsoft’s mobile operating system. HTC is reportedly to launch three WP8 based smartphones namely HTC Rio, HTC Accord, and HTC Zenith.

Huawei logo

Huawei, the big phone manufacturer from China, has just announced its partnership with Microsoft to launch Windows Phone 8 in the late of this year. Huawei Chief Marketing Officer, Shao Yang, told that 2012 is a great year for Huawei. One of the reasons is beacuse the announcement of first Huawei smartphone running on Windows Phone OS.

The Chinese phone company is trying to increase its scope in mobile phone arena. 200 million dollars has been prepared to boost its brand. Huawei is also planning to produce Windows 8 Tablet. For more details, read the press release below.

Ivan Andrianto

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