HTC’s Net Income Declined to $7.4 Billion

The net income of the fifth biggest phone manufacturers, HTC, is reported declined to $7.4 billion in the second quarter of this year. Compared to the same period last year, the profit is decreased by 57.8%.

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During the same period last year (Q2 2011), HTC got $17.52 billion net income. However, in first quarter HTC could increase its profit by $4.47 billion. The decrease of HTC profit has been predicted by some analysts with an estimation of $8,25 billion. Looking at the prospects in the U.S. and Europe, HTC’s has cut its sales target of 13% in the last month.

HTC One X is one of the best Android smartphones so far. But, the launch of Galaxy S III can reduce the sales of HTC One X. Many people are more attracted to GS III than HTC One X because the Samsung’s flagship has many cool features  besides its high-end specifications.

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