HTC Mini: Mini Phone as HTC Butterfly’s Companion

HTC Mini for HTC Butterfly

HTC realizes that many people feel uncomfortable of operating phablet outside the home because the size is too big or security reason. Because of that reason, HTC release a simple device called HTC Mini.

HTC Mini is a mini phone sold together with HTC Butterfly to be paired and connected via Bluetooth. HTC Mini is connected in real time to the smartphone via Bluetooth connection, so notifications of SMS, schedules, and others can be accessed through HTC Mini.

What’s interesting is you can make a phone call with HTC Mini. So, your HTC Butterfly will remain safely in pocket.┬áThe great breakthrough of HTC provides ease and convenience when it comes to using cell phones in public places.

HTC Mini

In addition, the HTC Mini can be used as as a mobile tracker. If you can not find your HTC Butterfly, track it with HTC Mini. HTC Mini will send a signal to ring  the phone, so you can find it more easily.

HTC Mini can also be used as camera remote control. Unfortunately, HTC Mini is only available in China at this time.

Ivan Andrianto

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