Google Play Website Allows You to Update and Uninstall Apps

Although it didn’t announced at Google I/O event yesterday, now Android users can update and uninstall their apps via desktop version of Play Store directly from web browser.

Google Play Website Allows You to Update and Uninstall apps

The menu is found on My Android app tab, which shows the applications installed on your smartphone or tablet. For those using more than one Android devices, you can see the grouping of installed apps. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t provided an option to update all applications, so you need to update your apps one by one.

The uninstall option is very simple, just click on the trash icon below each app, a dialog box will be shown as a warning that you want to uninstall the app.

We don’t sure if you will use these options frequently, since the Play Store app on Android device offers more complete feature. But, this could be appreciated because Google always try to give easiness for their users.

Ivan Andrianto

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