Google Nexus 7 Allegedly Violated Nokia’s Wi-Fi Patents

Nokia is ready to fight Google Nexus 7, which was announced at Google I/O event last week becuase according to Nokia, it has violated Nokia’s patents about Wi-Fi technology used on Google Nexus 7.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet

It seems that the patent is related with Wi-Fi IEEE 802. 11 standard. Nokia spokesperson commented to The Inquirer that Nokia has more than 40 licenses and most of them used by mobile devices. But, Google or Asus are not listed as the companies which allowed to use its patents.

Nokia will make a protest to Asus or Google and maybe Nokia only force them to make an appropriate license or the bad scenario is they have to pay royalty to Nokia. Asus doesn’t give any comment about it. Maybe Nokia is looking for money from license fee, rather than have to deal with related companies in court, because it will spend a lot of money.

Ivan Andrianto

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