Google Maps Re-Designed, Looks More Beautiful and Informative

At 1st day Google I/O event, Google introduces new Google Maps for Android and iOS. The update brings new navigation interface focuses on showing the most important information, Google Offer and Zagat services support, and full support for iPad. Users will enjoy the new interface starting from the mid of next month.

New 2013 Google Maps

Maps for desktop is also updated. With more beautiful interface, users can view wider map area from end to end of the screen, as it was rumored before.

Some additional features included on this service like the ability to recognize which location is the most frequently searched and user may want to visit. The presence of Google Now-style cards allows user to tap on a location, then it will show certain card that provides important information such as public transport and travel time. Google also announces 3D map view that doesn’t require any plugin.

A dedicated web page provided by Google explains all the new features on Google Maps.

Ivan Andrianto

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