Google H840 Appears on FCC, The Nexus Q Successor?

Google Nexus Q is a unique device which was introduced at Google I/O event last year. The device was expected to be a sample for other manufacturers to produce similar device. Unfortunately, the device was not long-lived. At I/O 2013 event recently, Google announced the death of Nexus Q. However, it doesn’t mean that the successor of the device won’t be released.

Google Nexus Q

A device called Google H840 with model numer H2G2-42 is reportedly appears on FCC. Most likely, it will replace Nexus Q position and will be the latest media player from Google. According to FCC results, the device is working as media player with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi b/g/n connectivity. Unfortunately, FCC doesn’t show the image of the tested device, so we don’t know the design of Google H840.

Ivan Andrianto

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