Google Glass Voice Commands List

Google Glass
Besides the easiness of taking images from the camera, the futuristic Google gadget supports a handful of Voice Commands. With that features, users can easily order the Glass to do the tasks they want with by using their voice.

How to use Voice Commands on Google Glass?

First, ensure that your Google Glass display is active. To active the display, you only need to touch the touchpad or use Head Wake by lifting your head.

The voice commands for all actions supported by Google Glass are started with OK Glass. Then the Glass will display all voice commands on display. Swipe the touchpad or tilt your head to scroll through the list. You can also open the list by double tapping on the touchpad when the home screen is active.

Actions Commands
Finding Directories OK Glass, Give Directions To [desired query]
Recording Video OK Glass, Record A Video
Searching OK Glass, Google [desired query]
Searching Photos OK Glass, Google Photos Of [desired query]
Sending Message OK Glass, Send A Message To [desired name]
Starting Google+ OK Glass, Hangout With [desired circle/person]
Taking Picture OK Glass, Take a picture
Translating OK Glass, Say [phrase] In [desired language]
Using Google Now OK Glass, [query]

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