Google Earth 7.0 is Available on Android

Have you heard about the latest version of Google Earth, which was introduced some weeks ago at a conference event in San Fransisco? However, Google didn’t announce about the availability of Google Earth 7.0 for Android. Google has just officially announced the first Nexus tablet called Nexus 7 at Google I/O event. At the same time, Google offers access to the latest Google Earth and shows new 3D view.

Google Earth 7 for Android

For those who want to try this app on an Android device, you can directly go to Google Play to download Google Earth 7.0 for Android. But, not all cities has got the new view in the application. Most of the cities getting the new 3D view are located in United States and Europe, such as San Francisco Bay Area, L.A., San Diego, Boulder, Portland, Tucson, Charlotte, Roma, and Tampa. On this version, Google also adds Tour Guide feature, allowing user to search interesting panorama around the world, with 3D view of course.

Google Earth 7 for AndroidGoogle Earth 7 for Android

For the future, Google plans to increase the number of cities to get this feature. Google will give the view for cities with many populations. The 3D view is taken from air with 45 degrees photography technique. Google has collected many metropolis areas.

Google Earth 7 for AndroidGoogle Earth 7 for AndroidGoogle Earth 7 for Android

Google also said that it will bring the new feature on iOS soon.

Watch the video here.

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