Google Bans Self-Updating Android Apps

Google Bans Self-Updating Android Apps
Usually, you can easily update installed apps on your Android device via Google Play Store by choosing My Apps, then press ‘Update all’ and all application installed on your device will be automatically updated to latest version. You can also set to do automatic update on Play Store Settings and the update will start automatically when the latest version of an app is available to download.

Some Android apps misuse that policy by including automatic updater right on the app, not via Play Store. Therefore, Google makes a new policy, app updates must go through Play Store or not at all.

Users still allowed to download application from third-party online app market like Amazon, Tencent, and others. But, it’s very risky because there are many malwares and pirated apps.

The reason for Google to apply that policy is due to a case that occurred in last month, when Facebook as one of the most popular Android apps, automatically downloaded update and disturbed user with continuous vibrate and bip sound until the app broken and must be re-installed.

It forces Google to be more careful and according to Google Play Store. Applications that allow self-update are listed as ‘Dangerous Products’.

Ivan Andrianto

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