Galaxy S & S II Has Sold 52 Million Units, Galaxy Note Has Sold 7 Million Units

The Galaxy S and Galaxy S II are very success Android smartphones. Because of the sales of Samsung Galaxy S & S II, Samsung becomes the biggest phone manufacturer in the world.

Samsung Galaxy S, S II, Note

Samsung Galaxy S, S II, Note

Samsung confirmed that the first generation of Samsung Galaxy S has sold 24 million units since the launch in June 2010 and its successor the Galaxy S II has sold 28 million units. So, the first and second generation of Galaxy S has been sold about 52 million units. Samsung Galaxy S III, the newly launched smartphone seems to continue the success of its two predecessors. That Android superphone has got over 9 million pre-ordered. It is the fastest selling smartphone of all time.

Another Samsung device, the Galaxy Note, a very big smartphone that categorized as a phablet has sold about 7 million units since its launch in late October 2011.

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