Galaxy S III Has Longer Talk Time Compared to Other High-End Smartphones

Which smartphone has the longest talk time? There is a test that compares the talk time of some latest smartphone from big vendors.

Sony Xperia S, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, and Apple iPhone 4S

Some smartphones that compared this time are HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, Apple iPhone 4S, Sony Xperia S, and HTC Sensation XL, as well as Motorola Gleam. All of the smartphones are tested by talk time using 3G network receiver, so it more realistic than estimation from manufacturers.

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According to this report, the latest Samsung’s flagship smartphone, Galaxy S III is the winner with 726 minutes of talk time on 3G mode (more than 12 hours). On the second place is HTC One X (635 mintues), followed by Sony Xperia S (520 minutes), Apple iPhone 4S (467 minutes), HTC Sensation XL (272 minutes), and Motorola Gleam (135 minutes). The average of 101 mobile phones tested is 315 minutes.

Ivan Andrianto

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